Hoshizaki KMD-410


415 lbs/day

The KMD-410 ice maker from Hoshizaki is designed for use with dispensers and soda fountains, but also be installed on standard ice bins as well. This model is great for delis and self-serve stations. At 22″ wide, this unit produces 324 lbs of ice a day under standard conditions and 415 lbs of ice a day under optimal conditions.

This unit features side-to-back ventilation to keep heat away from the user. Its stainless-steel exterior protects against dirt and corrosion. KM evaporator design forms each cube individually, so ice never clumps together in the bin.

Crescent ice is a popular choice for many businesses because of it’s versatility. Each cube is crystal clear and melts slowly, so drinks retain their flavor. Since crescent cubes are narrow, they displace liquid better, making drinks appear fuller.