Hoshizaki KMD-460


457 lbs/day

The KMD-460 crescent ice maker from Hoshizaki is designed for dispenser and soda fountain use, but can also be installed on standard ice storage bins. This units fits all 30″ Hoshizaki ice dispensers and produces 387 lbs of ice a day under standard temperatures.

All KM models produce clear crescent cubes individually so ice doesn’t clump in the bin or dispenser. The stainless-steel exterior protects against corrosion and dirt. It’s easy to clean and prevents accidental contamination.

Crescent cubes are unique to Hoshizaki and one of their most popular ice shapes. The cubes are crystal clear and slow melting, which helps drinks retain their flavor. The rounded shape of the cube helps liquid cascade gently into glassware, reducing the chance of spilling or splashes.