Hoshizaki KMD-530


553 lbs/day

The KMD-530 crescent ice maker is designed for ice dispensers and soda fountains. At 30″, the KMD-530 will fit on most standard soda dispensers, providing 462 lbs of ice a day under standard AHRI conditions.

Unlike most KM series ice machines, the KMD Series has side-to-back ventilation. The unit’s EverCheck™ control board signals the user when there is an issue with the ice machine and shuts the machine down to prevent further damage. The KMD-530 is an excellent choice for self-serve areas that see a lot of usage throughout the day.

Like all KM models, the KMD-530 produces clear, slow-melting crescent ice, designed to elevate beverages and reduce product loss. Each KMD ice machine produces cubes individually, so ice cubes never stick together in the bin. The crescent shape of each cube allows liquid to gently cascade into the glass, making for a smooth pour with no splash back. Overall, studies show crescent cubes can save up to 15 percent on your drink yield.