Manitowoc i-500


550 lbs/day

Manitowoc’s NXT i-500 ice maker produces up to 440 lbs of ice under standard AHRI temperatures, making it a great choice for businesses with modest ice needs.

Manitowoc ice machines are famous for being easily serviceable. All machine components are accessible from the front of the unit, which helps technicians finish cleanings and PM services faster – so you can get back to serving ice to your guests.

The new NXT models come with an EasyRead® touchscreen display which gives status updates when the machine is not performing at 100%.

The i-500 produces two ice cube styles: Dice and Half Dice. Both ice shapes feature Manitowoc’s “rhomboid” shape, which maintains a traditional, square profile that looks great in cocktails.

Dice ice (ID) is a small square shape that elevates the look of top-shelf spirits. Half Dice (IY) has a narrow profile that displaces liquid better than large square cubes, making drinks appear fuller.