Manitowoc IRT-500A Air Cooled Regular Ice Machine


500 lbs/day

The Manitowoc IRT-500A Air Cooled Regular Ice Machine produces up to 520 lbs of ice per day, making it a great choice for businesses with modest ice needs.

Manitowoc ice makers are famous for being easily serviceable. The Manitowoc IRT-500A regular ice machine’s components are accessible from the front of the unit, which helps technicians finish cleanings and PM services faster – so you can get back to serving ice to your guests.

The Manitowoc IRT-500A air cooled ice machine comes with an EasyRead® touchscreen display which gives status updates when the machine is not performing at 100%.

The Manitowoc IRT-500A ice machine produces Regular ice. This ice shape features Manitowoc’s “rhomboid” shape, which maintains a traditional, square profile that looks great in cocktails.