MGR SD-650 Ice Bagging System


2,800 lbs/day

The MGR SD-650 ice bagging system saves staff the time and hassle of bagging ice by hand. The MGR SD-650 ice bagging system holds up to 650 lbs of ice to dispense into commercial ice bags.

The SMGR SD-650 ice bagging system has heavy-duty welded stainless-steel construction throughout. Foamed in place urethane insulation keeps ice cool and solid. This model features a stainless-steel agitator system that keeps ice from sticking together or clogging the dispensing area.

A foot pedal control allows users to dispense ice in bags up to 20 lbs. The SD Series mini ice dispensers come with plenty of options such as optional bag blower, portion timer, bag taper, or coin operator mechanism.

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