Sales & Rental

Sales & Rental

Ice-Masters stands for FLEXIBILITY.

The largest full-service ice machine distributor in Kansas and Missouri provides customers with “flexible” alternatives.

Full Maintenance Rental
For customers who choose to rent, Ice-Masters will install a clean, reliable ice machine that best suits your needs. We also install and maintain water filtration systems on all of our rental machines to ensure that your customers receive clear, quality ice. We provide prompt service and ice delivery should your machine malfunction. And because we are confident that you will be completely satisfied with our product and service, we don’t ask that you commit to a long term contract. In addition, Ice-Masters offers “seasonal” rentals for those customers with ice needs only during certain months of the year.

For those who prefer to own their equipment, Ice-Masters offers competitive pricing on ice makers, dispensers, water filtration systems and a complete line of commercial refrigeration equipment. We also provide service, installation and maintenance contracts.

Ice-Masters … that’s FLEXIBILITY!