A Scotsman Ice Machine: Safe and Sanitary Ice Your Business Can Depend On

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Scotsman Ice Makers Accessible for Service and Cleaning

In the ice machine industry, Scotsman Ice is known for manufacturing commercial ice and water dispensers that stand out from the competition. Scotsman really leads the industry in two main areas: reliability and sanitation. Their machines, when cared for, stand the test of time, and their touchless technology has forever changed the way sanitation is achieved while still delivering ice production value.

In short, Scotsman is known as an ice machine manufacturer that produces high quality and technologically advanced equipment. That’s why, at Ice-Masters, we have chosen to include Scotsman ice machines in our product lineup. Our ice machine rental customers know we give them access to top-of-the-line Scotsman touchless ice makers in our all-inclusive program.

If you need a commercial ice machine for your business, continue reading to learn more about why Scotsman may be the right fit for you and your customers.

History of Reliability: Scotsman Ice Makers 

For more than 70 years, businesses have depended on Scotsman ice makers. Their reputation for being affordable and reliable is well known globally.

Since Scotsman’s inception in the 1950s, the company has grown to offer more than 300 models of ice makers, including countertop ice makers, bins, and dispensers. Scotsman is the largest industrial ice maker manufacturer on the planet. The ice needs of more than 1 million businesses worldwide are met by Scotsman in numerous industries, including hospitality, food service, corporate campuses, offices, and more.

In addition to Hoshizaki ice machines, Scotsman ice makers are a top choice for business owners who depend on a consistent ice supply.

Get a Touchless Scotsman Ice Maker at a Low Price

Our all-inclusive ice machine leases include a full line of touchless Scotsman ice dispensers! Professional cleaning and service is included in our low, monthly cost.

Avoid Ice Contamination with Scotsman Touchless Technology 

Much about ice production has stayed the same for decades, but Scotsman’s touchless technology was one of the moves that truly revolutionized ice machines. The touchless technology especially showed its value during the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses were able to continue supplying the safe, sanitary ice their employees and customers needed.

Many consumers and even business owners are unaware that ice can carry germs, though not for very long, but that the real danger to cross-contamination is the ice maker itself. Once it’s contaminated, a dirty ice machine will continue to produce unsafe ice until it’s sanitized. Though frequent sanitation is helpful, the real goal is prevention. For an ice machine, which is used frequently, touchless access is the key.

Scotsman hands-free ice dispensers allow people to place their drinkware under beneath the ice chute and receive ice without touching the machine at all. Models like the Scotsman Meridian HID312A-1 air cooled touchless ice dispenser can be used over and over again without anyone touching them, thereby eliminating the chance of contamination.

Just in case the touchless method can’t prevent contamination, Scotsman has a back-up resource. Scotsman molds AgION™ antimicrobial compounds directly into key components of their ice makers, helping them remain sanitary through high-volume use. Their technology combats pathogens to keep the ice safe.

Scotsman Ice Makers Accessible for Service and Cleaning 

With a high purchase price, the last thing a business owner wants to spend money on is service and cleaning. But in the case of ice makers, this money is well spent (unless you’re an Ice-Masters renter, in which case deep cleans, service, and repairs are included in your rental for free), because maintenance can significantly extend an ice machine’s life.

Luckily, Scotsman ice makers are easy to clean and service, meaning repair techs can do a better job on the machine in less time, saving business owners hassle and money.

Regular cleaning helps ensure safe, sanitary ice as well as the longevity of the ice maker itself. Deep cleaning by a professional ice machine tech is also advised twice per year. During this professional clean, the tech can remove any scale or mold from the ice machine, which helps prevent expensive repairs in the future.

Need a large quantity of ice daily? That’s no problem for Scotsman ice machines; the Scotsman Meridian HID540 model can produce up to 500 pounds of crushed ice per day! Whatever your needs, our array of Scotsman touchless ice machines can meet them and exceed your expectations. And they’re all available through our convenient, worry free ice machine rental program.

Scotsman Ice Machine Repairs 

Though Scotsman ice makers’ reliability is such that they require fewer repairs, all high-use appliances eventually need some TLC. When a Scotsman ice machine needs to be repaired, business owners (and their wallets) are pleased to learn that repairs are easier and faster because the Scotsman ice maker parts are easy to access.

Increased durability and decreased repair time is a double win for the bottom line! Like the Scotsman Meridian ice dispensers we rent and sell, most Scotsman ice machines feature sturdy stainless steel exteriors. This means they are less susceptible to damage from the bumps and bangs of daily use.

When are You Getting a Scotsman Ice Maker? 

At Ice-Masters, we make it easy and affordable to have the ice your business needs. It’s as simple as that. From choosing the right capacity and sized machine to installing it to maintaining and repairing it as necessary, Ice-Masters rentals remove the hassle and unexpected costs of owning an ice machine. We are happy when our clients never worry about whether they have ice, instead trusting us to handle it all. From high quality ice machines to best-in-class ice maker servicing, Ice-Masters has you covered.

Contact the Ice Machine Experts anytime to get help choosing an ice maker for your business.

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