How is Sonic Ice Made in Commercial Ice Machines?

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Sonic Ice

One of the more popular choices of craft ice on the market is soft, chewable Sonic Ice. In fact, many businesses in Kansas or Missouri choose Sonic Ice for practical applications as well as for drinks. There are many commercial ice machines on the market that produce this type of ice.

In this article, we’ll discuss what Sonic ice is, and how it’s made.

What is Sonic Ice?

Sonic ice is a type of ice that is soft and chewable. It has a ton of other names, such as cubelet ice, nugget ice, pearl ice, and more. The name Sonic ice comes from the popular drive-up food establishment. The ice is common in their signature slushes, which are popular in Kansas, Missouri, and the rest of the US.

Nugget ice machines were originally created with hospitals in mind. Doctors found it was much easier to hydrate patients who have a hard time swallowing with ice, rather than a glass of water. Patients could simply chew on the ice throughout the day, taking in small amounts of water.

Now, this ice has expanded beyond hospitals and into Kansas and Missouri schools, restaurants, and bars. Sonic ice is particularly popular in the southern US.

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How is Sonic Ice Made?

When people think about commercial ice equipment, they generally think of “cubers”. Cubers are common in most Kansas or Missouri businesses. These machines create more traditional, square-shaped ice cubes – although many create crescent ice or top hat ice as well. These cubes are hard and solid, which is not ideal if you’re looking for an ice cube to chew.

To create soft Sonic Ice, you need a machine that produces ice is a different fashion.

Nugget ice makers use auger-style system (rather than an evaporator plate) to form ice. In these systems, water fill a large metal evaporator cylinder, with a large auger inside. As the water fills the cylinder, the walls of the cylinder begin to cool. Eventually, ice begins to form on the walls of the cylinder. At this point, the auger begins to turn, scraping the walls of the cylinder, forcing the ice up into a storage compartment.

If we were to stop the ice making process here, we would be left with flake ice. Sonic ice machines take the process one step further by compressing the flake ice into small nuggets. What’s left is a soft, chewable cube with the consistency of a snowball.

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