Dress (Your Drinks) to Impress with Sphere Ice Ball Maker

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Benefits of Sphere Ice Cubes for Bar Owners

The best way to up-level high-end cocktails and quality liquors is with specialty ice. Large square ice cubes spent years as the go-to for bartenders, bar owners, and connoisseurs of whiskey and Scotch. Large round ice cubes, called sphere ice balls, would have been another contender except for that they were always difficult and time consuming to make.

This has all changed with the advent of sphere ice cube makers, such as the IM-50BAA-Q from Hoshizaki which easily produces 50 pounds (500 spheres) of 1.8″ diameter ice balls. So why should restaurateurs, mixologists, and patrons gravitate toward round ice cubes? That is exactly what we will cover in this article.

Benefits of Sphere Ice Cubes for Customers

Those who indulge in high-end spirits, such as fine whiskey and Scotch, are aware that adding too much water can dilute and ruin the drinking experience. Though opinions vary on whether to add water and how much, the majority agree that a small amount of water, such as that which melts off a large, solid ice cube, is ideal. Fast melting cubes dilute the spirit too much, but a slowly melting cube, such as a sphere ice ball, provides just the right amount of water to elevate the taste.

Having the wrong ice cubes at a bar or distillery can be more than irritating – it can ruin a drinking experience. Connoisseurs appreciate when an establishment supplies quality ice that enhances the flavor of the liquor. Sphere ice balls are even preferred to metal cubes, whiskey stones, and plastic, water-filled cubes that can be frozen. Furthermore, the presentation value of sphere ice certainly exceeds these alternatives.

Likewise, craft cocktails are only as fancy as their ice. High-end lounge owners know that the ice should fit the drink, and some cocktails are designed to complement sphere ice. Sphere ice is aesthetically pleasing, especially if part of the experience is watching the drink cascade over the round ice ball as the bartender pours.

Lastly, sphere ice balls keep drinks cooler for longer. Guests indulging in a fine liquor or carefully crafted cocktail are not in a rush to drink it, and they don’t have to be with sphere ice balls. These solid, round balls of ice stay cold longer.

Elevate your guests’ experience with Sphere Ice

With sphere ice machines available in our all-inclusive ice machine rental, it’s never been easier to provide your customers with the best!

Benefits of Sphere Ice Cubes for Bartenders

Speaking of bartenders, these professionals appreciate how capitalize on quality ice in their craft. In the past, bartenders had to slave over ice molds or a Japanese ice press to get sphere ice for their drinks. Now more bars owners are investing in sphere ice ball makers, which can product up to 50 pounds of sphere ice per day, enabling bartenders to serve sophisticated-looking cocktails with much less hassle. Utilizing an industrial ice machine to do a job that would cost employees’ valuable time is an investment that pays off in the long run and not just in employee satisfaction.

Bartenders in Kansas and Missouri are thrilled to be able to access ice balls from the bin that is filled automatically by an undercounter sphere ice maker. Ice balls and sphere ice makers are beneficial to bars in numerous ways you’ll read about below.

Benefits of Sphere Ice Cubes for Bar Owners

There are numerous reasons bar owners appreciate sphere ice cubes, including:

Sphere Ice Cubes Waste Less Liquor

When liquid is poured on square ice cubes, especially at the fast pace necessary to keep up with bar tickets, it can hit the cube’s jagged edge and splash out of the glass. This may not seem like much waste, but it adds up across the countless drinks poured every weekend night. Every drop counts when bar owners are striving toward profitability.

Thus, they appreciate that the sphere ice cubes don’t create this waste. When liquor or a mixer is poured over sphere ice cubes, the liquid flows down over the cube and into the glass. Less mess and certainly less wasted product, not to mention the performance factor is improved by reducing splashes.

Sphere Ice Cubes Make Glasses Look More Full

Large ice cubes displace more liquid in a cup, which makes the cup appear fuller than it is by raising the level of the liquid. Not only are sphere ice cubes attractive in a glass, they push up the liquid level, greatly reducing the chances of customers complaining about under-poured drinks. Happier customers without spending more on heavy pours is an ideal situation for bar owners.

Owners of Upscale Lounges and Bars Choose Sphere Ice Balls

Sphere ice has quickly moved to the top of the specialty ice list, and we’ve illustrated why in this article. Many bar owners are investing in sphere ice makers to give their staff quick and convenient access to sophisticated round ice. These sphere ice makers save time and resources while allowing bar owners to offer a deluxe drinking experience.

You can get a sphere ice maker through our all-inclusive rental program, which makes it easier than ever to have the ice you need without the hassle of ownership. We take care of everything for you, including delivering and installing your ice maker, maintaining it, professionally cleaning it, and handling every aspect of any needed repairs. Our rental customers have the sphere ice balls they need guaranteed!

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