Hands-Free Ice Dispensers Make Safety a Breeze

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Hands-Free is the Way to Be Safe

In 2020 and 2021, we faced many unprecedented experiences. In response to a world suddenly more invested in cleanliness, new technology, new standards, and new processes emerged or became more readily adopted. Kansas and Missouri business owners across many industries had to pivot to improve safety for their employees and customers in many ways, including adding a touchless ice machine.

Touchless ice makers are one effective answer to the question of how to make self-serve drink stations as safe as possible. Handsfree ice machines decrease the spread of harmful pathogens. Ice-Masters makes it easy for businesses to supply their customers with a touchless ice experience with our touchless ice machine rental program that includes an ice maker installation, professional cleaning and ice machine maintenance, all necessary repairs, and back-up ice, as needed.

Learn more about why a touchless ice maker is the route to take for a safer, more sanitary supply of ice.

What’s the Difference with Touchless Ice Makers?

Automatic ice machines are all generally touchless with regard to the ice, meaning no employee or customer should ever directly touch the ice itself. Instead a scoop or shovel can be used to move ice into necessary bins, glasses, or other containers.

When we reference touchless ice machines we mean those that do not require a physical interaction between the user and the ice maker, such as pressing a button or depressing a lever to receive ice. All other ice machines still require a user to touch the ice maker, which means pathogens can transfer from the user to the ice dispenser and then on to the next user(s).

Hands-free, or touchless, ice makers remove even this opportunity for transmission of pathogens by utilizing a sensor, not physical contact, to initiate ice. With no one touching the ice machine, it can’t be contaminated.

Rent a Touchless Ice Maker!

Hands-free ice dispensers are more important than ever. We have a wide selection of them in our all-inclusive ice machine rental program.

Should My Organization Use a Hands-Free Ice Dispenser?

Every business should strive to avoid the dangers associated with a dirty ice maker but encouraging proper usage of the ice maker, by utilizing the right cleaner, and by completing sanitation routines . However, the only way to truly eliminate the spread of pathogens is to ensure that nobody touches the ice maker. This can be accomplished when a hands-free ice machine. Touchless ice makers are appropriate for any scenario in which employees might access their own ice, including:

  • Faculty lounges
  • Employee break rooms
  • Healthcare clinics
  • Cafeterias/large lunchrooms
  • And more

It’s likely that business owners will never fully grasp how many interactions occur daily between employees and the company’s large ice machines. Countless hands touch the ice machine, and even the fastidious people can unintentionally contaminate the ice maker.

A clean, safe ice maker is important in every workplace. But it’s especially critical in doctors’ waiting rooms and hospitals, where the possibility of infecting an immunocompromised person is far more dangerous. Leaders of healthcare organizations would be wise to invest in touchless technology to keep their patients as safe as possible.

Touchless Ice Dispensers You Should Know About

There are many factors to consider when choosing a hands-free ice dispenser for your business, including the capacity you need and the space allotment you have. We’re available 24/7/365 to help you choose the most suitable touchless ice machine for your business. When you rent from our all-inclusive program, you can choose from a variety of top-of-the-line ice machines, including the Follet series, which are designed for businesses that need to transport quantities of ice from the ice maker to other locations. Each Follet ice maker below features SmartGate ice shield technology, which prevents ice from clumping by ensuring users always access the earliest ice dropped. Ice carts can easily be stored under any of these models.

  • Follett SG700 – This single door ice maker series is ideal for businesses in which quantities of ice need to be dispersed to other locations. Its capacity is 460 to 1,660 pounds of ice. A convenient plastic chute drops ice directly into an ice cart, so employees can quickly and easily transport ice as needed.
  • Follet SG2100 – This ice machine model is double the fun of the SG700, with a capacity of 2,110 to 4640 pounds of ice. It features two plastic chutes to dispense twice the ice into ice carts. Businesses that rely on this model include grocery stores and markets.
  • Follet ITS2250 – This series is versatile as its models can feature one, two, or three hoppers to deposit ice into ice carts for transport.
  • Hoshizaki HCD 1000: This is another high-quality ice maker. This unit makes it easy for businesses to store up to 590 pounds of ice and then disperse ice at a rate of 120 per minute into commercial ice bags. An internal stainless steel auger and agitator design acts to keep ice from clumping both in the bag and in the dispensing area.

The Ice You Need, the Safety You Require

How does an ice equipment rental benefit your business? The ice experts at Ice-Masters help you choose the right ice maker for your business and handle installation. Normally, after you buy or lease an ice machine, it becomes your problem after it’s delivered. With Ice-Masters rentals, we take on all responsibilities regarding your ice supply.

Ice-Masters provides professional, biannual maintenance and cleanings, troubleshoots over the phone with you anytime via our dedicated 24/7 customer service line, schedules and performs repairs, and even provides back-up ice should your machine be temporarily down. In short, you have the ice you need. For one low monthly payment, we handle it all.

Who else can help you get the industrial ice making equipment you need without having to worry about unexpected repairs, coordinating maintenance and cleaning, and figuring out ice machine codes or issues on your own? The answer is that nobody in Kansas or Missouri has a program like Ice-Masters.

Our team is available to help you get started today!

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