Why is My Ice Maker Leaking?

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Ice Maker leaking

Ice machine leaks are a common ice maker issue for many Kansas and Missouri businesses. Industrial ice machines usually leak from a few common places, most of which aren’t from the machine itself. We’ll help you identify common causes of leaks, why your machine might be leaking, and what to do when you have an ice maker leaking.

Ice Maker Leaking? Follow These Steps.

When you have an ice maker leaking, it’s coming from one of two places: inside or outside of the machine. You should first start by inspecting the area around your machine carefully so you can try and find the location of the leak. Stay out of any pools of water in case there’s an electrical hazard present.

The location of the leak will help you determine who you should call to repair it. Leaks that come from the outside of the machine are most likely a plumbing issue and will require a plumber. If the leak is coming from inside the machine, you’ll need to call an ice machine technician in Kansas or Missouri area.

After you figure out where the water is leaking from, unplug the ice machine and then go ahead and turn off the water. Following the specific order of the step is important otherwise you could cause damage to the unit.

Leaky Ice Maker?

We have 24/7 customer service to solve your ice machine problems. If your machine is down for repairs, we'll even cover your backup ice!

Shutting off your ice machine isn’t always an easy option if you have customers or employees waiting for ice. If you can’t afford to shut off your commercial ice equipment, you must at least try and contain the leak. Place a container below the leak to catch water. This will protect the surrounding area and the ice machine from water damage.

What to do If the Ice Maker is Leaking Water from the Outside

The majority of calls we receive where a commercial ice maker is leaking stem from the customer’s waterline. This often happens if the ice maker wasn’t properly secured to the water line or if the waterline has a break in it.

If your water line is leaking, you will need to call a plumber to fix the problem.
A clogged drain can also cause water to pool around your ice machine. While these scenarios aren’t technically “leaks”, they can still cause water damage to your business. Ice machines require an air gap between the ice machine’s drain line your businesses’ drain access point. If something like a dish towel or food container slides in between the air gap, it can back up and cause an overflow of water which looks like a leak.

If you notice water pooling around your ice machine, check to see if anything is blocking the air gap.

When Your Ice Maker Is Leaking Internally

There are a lot of places leaks can come from inside the machine since there are many components that water flows through. Some of the most common leaks come from:

  • Defective or improperly installed water pumps
  • Worn out or loose pipes
  • Incorrectly sealed water inlet valves
  • Freeze ups

Internal leaks are usually caused by components being installed incorrectly or from them wearing out. An ice machine technician should be able to figure out exactly what is causing the leak and what needs to be done to fix it.

Ice-Masters rental customers can give our customer service line a call and we’ll send a technician over to your Kansas or Missouri business to fix the leak as soon as possible. We will cover all costs if the leak was caused by faulty parts or improper installation. We will also provide you with backup ice while we complete the ice machine repair.

Stop Leaks and Avoid Long-Term Problems

Don’t ignore the problem if your ice maker’s leaking. Damage can be caused to your ice machine depending on where the leak is coming from. Keeping up with routine ice machine service is your first defense against leaks.

If the leaking is coming from outside the machine or your commercial ice and water dispenser, it can damage:

  • Furniture
  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Tiles
  • Grout
  • Food products (especially if stored in cardboard boxes)

Also, if the water sits too long, it can lead to mold growth under floorboards or in the walls at your Kansas City business.

If you don’t take care of leaks, you’re also risking the possibility of liability issues for an unsafe work environment. Unmanaged leaks create the risk of employees slipping and falling while on the clock.

Although the damage that can occur inside the machine isn’t as noticeable, it’s important that you’re still proactive about handling internal leaks. When water is leaking out of your ice machine, that means internal components aren’t getting enough water. This can lead to smaller ice cubes and a slower production rate. Even when an ice maker’s leaking into the ice bin, it can cause the ice to clump and make those batches unusable.

Internal leaks can lead to a freeze up. Even though it takes some time, if you ignore a leak it can start to cause an ice buildup on the evaporator plate, eventually cracking it. A leak can also start to corrode your machine if left too long, so be sure to get leaks fixed as soon as they happen.

How to Prevent Your Ice Maker from Leaking

Keeping up with routine ice maker maintenance ensures that you’ll be able to catch problems before they become an issue. A professional technician can identify potential points of leaking and fix them quickly.

It’s also a good idea to have a plumber come out to routinely check on water lines and drainage. They will make sure your floor drain is clean and that the water lines are properly sealed so that you never have to walk into a flooded room.

Paying close attention to your ice maker will make it easier to know when something is not right. At Ice-Masters, we provide preventative maintenance, cleanings, and repairs to you at no extra charge with our commercial ice machine rental program. We help businesses throughout Kansas and Missouri maintain their ice supply. Contact us today if an ice machine rental sounds right for your business!

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Our team is available to help you get started today!

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